Sufficient Grace

God's grace is sufficient for me.

Who is Jesus Christ? 

Jeus Christ is Sufficient, Grace, my Peace, my Joy, my Healing, my Love, Loving, Caring, Cares for me individually, Jesus, Christ, my Hope, my Redeemer, Lord of Lords, my Lord, Faithful.

What is Sufficient Grace? 

Sufficient Grace is that Jesus Christ came to earth, lived among us, lived a sinless life, died on the cross, descended into hell, and was raised to life three days later in order to provide each person on this earth the opportunity to have a personal relationship with His Father.  Those whom accept Christ as their Lord and Savoir receive abundant Grace, which is sufficient based upon the power of God, to provide each of us with an advocate for our sins.      

About this website.

PictureThis website is designed to provide one with a better understanding of God's love and what His Son Jesus Christ did on the cross for us.  Jesus came to give Himself for us so we can have an unbroken, initmate, free, daily relationship with our Heavenly Father.  This site includes messages of Grace, words of encouragement, healing scriptures, thoughts to ponder on, and much more.  I pray that you spend time checking out all the different pages and links within this site and come back as often as needed to receive encouraging and uplifting messages to help you focus on Him.